Repairing Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments

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Scalp micropigmentation is a great solution for anyone who doesn't wish to pursue drastic and invasive forms of hair restoration such as hair transplants or wigs. It's a technique that will camouflage the effects of pattern balding for both women and men. Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP as it's also known, is a revolutionary procedure that provides a patient with a solution when they are suffering from the undesirable effects of hair loss.

During the procedure, pigments are used which are administered via a digitally controlled needle at epidermal level which, in turn, recreate the appearance of a natural hairline. It's a procedure that is similar to tattooing, yet there are marked differences that make scalp micropigmentation a completely different discipline versus getting inked in the regular way.

What issues do we see?

One of the predominant problems with scalp micropigmentation technicians is a lack of experience. This causes them to treat the process like a tattoo or permanent makeup procedure, leading to serious issues with the end result.

The most common problems include:

  • Discolouration, usually resulting in a blue hue.
  • Oversized deposits that will never blend with real hair.
  • Pigment migration, causing a 'fried egg' effect under the skin.
  • Excessive fading.
  • Unnatural hairlines that look 'drawn on'.
  • Loss of individual dot definition due to poor deposit spacing.
  • 'Tracks' caused by the use of micropigmentation roller products.

Amazingly, there are many self-proclaimed scalp "practitioners" who have had little hands-on experience. Even more alarming, it may well be a "skill" that they've acquired via web-based training and received absolutely no hands-on experience at all. When choosing a scalp micropigmentation clinic, it's vital to clarify that your technician is fully qualified, follows relevant hygiene procedures and that their equipment is fully up-to-date and clean.

Additionally, avoid at ALL costs using any poorly trained permanent makeup artists or tattooists. The process of scalp micropigmentation is considerably different to that of regular tattooing. The needle is penetrated to a different depth, the pigments used are not the same and it's a precise science that requires a professional hand. The results, should it not be performed correctly, can be disastrous.

SMP Bad Treatment

A poor quality scalp micropigmentation treatment completed by a so-called 'expert'. As you can see, the follicle replication size is way off, leading to poor blending and an obvious 'dotty' appearance.

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What if you've had a bad treatment?

In an unregulated industry, it falls on the best clinics to offer remedial and repair services to those who were unfortunate enough to fall victim of a bad clinic or inexperienced technician. If you're concerned about the quality of your treatment, the most urgent and important thing to do is STOP what you are doing. If your clinic is showing signs of inexperience, you should not allow them to make matters worse.

To repair a bad micropigmentation treatment, it is often a case of removing the defective treatment using a laser. Skalptec is one of only a handful of clinics worldwide to offer laser removal on-site for this very purpose.

We are usually able to assist those who need it. For specific advice please contact our team, so that we can discuss the most appropriate course of action to create the look you were aiming for.

Repair Bad Treatment Micro Pigmentation

The same client who received a bad treatment elsewhere, after three laser sessions at Skalptec to remove the spurious pigment, and further treatment sessions to complete the look he should have had the first time around. His appearance is a lot more natural with effective blending and the correct density of replications.

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