Scalp Micropigmentation & Longer Hair

Adding Density to Longer Hair

The scalp micropigmentation solution for hair loss is synonymous with the shaven look, able to flawlessly replicate a full head of shaved hair.

However for some clients, the option to maintain longer hair and still camouflage their thinning is another great option. Not all clients are comfortable with the idea of shaving their heads. For some, they do not feel the style would suit them, or they may have restrictions placed on them by their occupation or the wishes of close family members. Whilst we find that most clients choose the shaven look, a style that they usually get used to very quickly, some do have the option to keep their hair longer if they are a suitable candidate to do so. Many women in particular choose this option, as do many of our male clients.

Adding Density to Longer Hair SMP

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Assessing your suitability

To keep your hair at a longer length after scalp micropigmentation, you need to satisfy certain requirements if an effective illusion is to be achieved. These are the general criteria.

The client must have:

  • a relatively intact frontal hairline
  • a willingness to keep their hairline in the current position
  • at least 50% coverage in the crown area

This client was experiencing thinning around his frontal hairline. By maintaining the same hairline position, we were able to make his frontal hairline appear much thicker and fuller.

These photographs show what can be achieved for clients experiencing thinning in their crown area. As long as the recipient still has reasonable coverage, scalp micropigmentation can be used to reduce the contrast between the hair and scalp and make the hair appear more dense.

Density Process Before Longer Hair SMP Density Process After Longer Hair SMP

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