FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

As with any treatment there are plenty of questions which require answers before you decide to go ahead. Below are a selection of frequently asked questions which will help you with your decision and put your mind at ease.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) FAQ’s


Like most tattoos that change into blue or green after some time, will the pigment for Scalp Micropigmentation do the same?

The agents behind the eventual release of the undertones as an after effect of traditional tattooing there are some chemicals or metallic elements like aluminium, copper, iron, lead, etc. Here at Skalptec only use natural pigments so no, definitely not. There is no chance of discolouration.

Can Scalp Micropigmentation camouflage head scars?

One of the best things that we do in Skalptec is to camouflage the scars on your head using Scalp Micropigmentation making it look like they never existed at all.

What advantages does Scalp Micropigmentation provide?

Apart from the fact that Scalp Micropigmentation is harmless and can absolutely improve your self-confidence and looks, it boasts other advantages like no continuing costs for preservation and your scalp will not need a long period of time to recover.

How does Scalp Pigmentation differ from a regular head tattoo?

Some people refer Scalp Pigmentation as a “medical hairline tattoo” but there are huge differences with Scalp Micro-pigmentation and a regular head tattoo. First, our application is only on the dermal layer of the scalp unlike that of a traditional tattoo which goes to the epidermal layers causing pain and occasional swelling. The needles we use are only about a quarter of the size that they use on normal tattooing. Small as they are, these needles prevent any discolouration or discharge of undertones that usually happens in usual tattoos.
SMP and tattooing make marks on the skin but the SMP process involves custom pigments, special techniques, mapping and more. Our scalp technicians will replicate a 3D look of natural hair. All needles are single-use needles that are a lot smaller than a tattoo needle.

Does hair colour have any bearing when it comes to Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

When it comes to colour taste and toning, you are in expert hands with us. No matter what colour, we have the corresponding correctly blended ink for any hair follicle.
Our very own customised natural ink is our pride in Skalptec.

Will the treatment be conspicuous that others will notice it?

If you could visit our photo gallery, you will see people who told us that no one has ever noticed that they were undergoing Scalp Micro-pigmentation. We are very proud that our work and procedures are carried out in a seamless, innovative way. This just means that unless you tell someone that you are having the treatment, they will never cast a doubt about it. It will look completely natural and incredibly real.

How long does each Scalp Micropigmentation treatment last?

For the first session, it can be between 3-5 hours. The second session lasts shorter at only around 2-4 hours. For any fading, we offer absolute assurance. As far as hairline alteration is concerned, should there be a need for any retouch or revamp, we guarantee support for 1 year.

How much is the cost for Scalp Micropigmentation?

We have various rates depending on your needs. We have different fees for scar camouflage, hairline restructure, standard procedure, standard procedure with scar camouflage, alopecia camouflage (full details can be seen on the costs page here on the website). We offer a treatment guarantee policy which offers top-ups, additional sessions and corrections free of charge, for the first 6 months following the final treatment.

After how long should I have additional treatment?

We promise that Scalp Micropigmentation procedures are meant to last for years and we assure you that it will be for long-term results. However, we advise that you may go into new or additional treatments after the lapse of a decade or 15 years to make necessary touch-ups of the hairline even if the possibility is remote. Look at this as a long term solution to your hair loss problems.

Is there any age requirement for Scalp Micropigmentation treatment?

By far, we have helped a 16-year old girl who was once bullied at school due to her conspicuous looks caused by Alopecia. We also have transformed someone’s hair line at his age of 75! We can always make a way out of your anxiety regardless of your age.

What happens when the pigmentation needle goes into the scalp?

The needle goes into the epidermis. The ink deposits into the dermis. We will explain the more technical aspects with you.

Can SMP help with hair transplant scars?

Each scar is different. We also correct bad SMP scar camouflage repair previously carried out by other SMP companies. You can see more on our pages: case studies, reviews and gallery, as well as our scar camouflage page.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

It’s non-invasive, detailed, low maintenance and a permanent hair loss solution. There is no high cost that’s normally associated with a hair transplant. Natural pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of the scalp by a purpose made needle. Produces a natural illusion of a full head of hair. For men and women – if you’re balding, plus if you are receding or you want extra hair density for thinning hair.

Which hairline should I have?

Our hairlines are different. You can have either a certain defined hairline or one which is soft to give a subtle, natural appearance. Another alternative is to recreate the hairline you used to have. We will help you to decide so don’t worry.

Will having scalp micropigmentation cause me a lot of pain?

Everyone experiences something different – there are clients who remain totally relaxed throughout. You can watch our videos here on the website, and you can hear this question answered from Skalptec clients who have experienced the whole treatment process. Any discomfort on average is regarded as a bit uncomfortable at times as opposed to painful. It really does vary but our clients have rated anything from a zero to a four (with zero being no pain at all).

Recovery takes how long?

There is some redness which doesn’t last long. There is no need to take a long break from your job / work.

How long does the healing process take?

We’ll advise you of the best after care processes. Everyone heals at different speeds but you can carry on as normal 1-3 days (majority is 24 hours) after so your life won’t be adversely affected.

Is there a particular rest period between SMP sessions?

At least 7 days after the initial treatment.

Exposing your scalp to direct sunlight.

A waiting period of 30 days should be adhered to after your final treatment session. So care should be taken to protect the scalp with appropriate high SPF sunscreen or a hat / cap in the meantime. We discuss everything in detail with you.

What if you have light hair such as light brown or blonde – will SMP still work?

The short answer is definitely 100% yes! We can help no matter what your hair colour is.

Before having SMP should I shave my head?

This depends on the course of treatment that you agree with your scalp technician. For instance if you want to add density to longer hair, then shaving your scalp won’t be necessary. We will discuss everything with you.

Our Anchor Guaranteed Aftercare

What sets skalptec apart from other SMP companies is the anchor guaranteed aftercare. We will only charge a one fee of £250 for any touch ups or alterations for our existing life-time customers. To get a preliminary assessment of how much it may cost you, you can also send us
current images of your scalp to info@skalptec.com, or you can send us a private message over on our contact page. Skalptec offers amazing value. We can recommend ways to spread payments and to finance if financing is what you prefer.

Does health insurance cover SMP?

This might be something you want to discuss with your health insurance provider, because if you’ve had previous treatments from another provider that WERE covered then you could be covered for the cost of scalp micropigmentation.

What if I can’t get credit to cover the cost?

We will do all we can so speak to us and we may be able to create an arrangement with you.

What are the next steps I should take?

Contact us we’ll help you every step of the way.

Contact Skalptec to Arrange Your Consultation

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