FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

As with any treatment there are plenty of questions which require answers before you decide to go ahead. Below are a selection of frequently asked questions which will help you with your decision and put your mind at ease.

Like most tattoos that change into blue or green after some time, will the pigment for Scalp Micropigmentation do the same?

The agents behind the eventual release of the undertones as an after effect of traditional tattooing there are some chemicals or metallic elements like aluminium, copper, iron, lead, etc. Here at Skalptec only use natural pigments so no, definitely not. There is no chance of discolouration.

Can Scalp Micropigmentation camouflage head scars?

One of the best things that we do in Skalptec is to camouflage the scars on your head using Scalp Micropigmentation making it look like they never existed at all.

What advantages does Scalp Micropigmentation provide?

Apart from the fact that Scalp Micropigmentation is harmless and can absolutely improve your self-confidence and looks, it boasts other advantages like no continuing costs for preservation and your scalp will not need a long period of time to recover.

How does Scalp Pigmentation differ from a regular head tattoo?

Some people refer Scalp Pigmentation as a "medical hairline tattoo" but there are huge differences with Scalp Micro-pigmentation and a regular head tattoo. First, our application is only on the dermal layer of the scalp unlike that of a traditional tattoo which goes to the epidermal layers causing pain and occasional swelling. The needles we use are only about a quarter of the size that they use on normal tattooing. Small as they are, these needles prevent any discolouration or discharge of undertones that usually happens in usual tattoos.

Does hair colour have any bearing when it comes to Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

When it comes to colour taste and toning, you are in expert hands with us. No matter what colour, we have corresponding ink for any hair follicle. Our very own customised natural ink is our pride in Skalptec.

Will the treatment be conspicuous that others will notice it?

If you could visit our photo gallery, you will see people who told us that no one has ever noticed that they were undergoing Scalp Micro-pigmentation. We are very proud that our work and procedures are carried out in a seamless, innovative way. This just means that unless you tell someone that you are having the treatment, they will never cast a doubt about it. It will look completely natural and incredibly real.

How long do Scalp Micropigmentation treatments last for?

For the first session, it can be between 3-5 hours. The second session lasts shorter at only around 2-4 hours. For any fading, we offer absolute assurance. As far as hairline alteration is concerned, should there be a need for any retouch or revamp, we guarantee a year-long support.

How much is the cost for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Our normal rate is £2,000 including VAT for the four treatments.and for the next 6 months for any alterations there after, will be free of charge.What sets skalptec apart,from other companies is the anchor guarantee aftercare ,we will only charge £250 for any touch ups or alterations,this is for our existing life-time customers.To get preliminary assessment of how much it may cost you, you can have images of your scalp uploaded on our website or you can send us private message in our contact page.

After how long should I have additional treatment?

We promise that Scalp Micropigmentation procedures are meant to last for years and we assure you that it will be for long-term results. However, we advise that you may go into new or additional treatments after the lapse of a decade or 15 years to make necessary touch-ups of the hairline even if the possibility is remote.

Is there any age requirement for Scalp Micropigmentation treatment?

By far, we have helped a 16-year old girl who was once bullied at school due to her conspicuous looks caused by Alopecia. We also have transformed someone's hair line at his age of 75! We can always make a way out of your anxiety regardless of your age.

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