Scalp Micropigmentation On Darker Skin

Dark Skin SMP Process

The scalp micropigmentation process is different for those with darker skin. If you are of black Afro-Caribbean, African, Indian or Asian ethnicity, you must ensure that your treatment is carried out by a skilled technician with specific experience in this area. Any technician that tells you the process is the same as for white caucasian men, does not understand the individual requirements that darker skin demands.

Scalp micropigmentation on a black Skalptec client of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity.

Scalp micropigmentation is a perfect hair loss solution for black and Asian clients. The problem is that bad work is easier to cover up on darker skin, and the laser removal process is more complex. For this reason, choosing the right technician to complete your procedure is very important.

Dark Skin Process Micro Pigmentation

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What are the key differences?

Black and Asian men have thicker hair, and therefore require different follicle replications and a different blending method. Hairstyles are also different, with sharp modern looks far more prevalent. All of these variations require the technician to apply pigment to the scalp in a different way, using different machine settings, different penetration depth and angles, and to change the way the treatment plan is devised.

Scalp micropigmentation on an Asian Skalptec client of Indian ethnicity.

Dark Skin Asian Client Skalptec

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