Scalp Micro Pigmentation Reviews By Skalptec Customers

Choosing the right clinic can be a real minefield, with every provider claiming to be the best or to have 'invented' SMP. Here are some scalp micropigmentation reviews by REAL customers of Skalptec, treated in Liverpool or at one of our other clinics.

It is easy to create fake reviews of any business. That's why we wanted to show you some real people who have been through the scalp micropigmentation process, so you know our reviews are 100% genuine and can be replied upon. For more information about our service, please contact Skalptec and we will be happy to assist.

Let's start with Ben Toft. Ben has been a professional rugby player for many years, and subsequently spent a lot of time in front of crowds and on camera. His image is important to him, and losing his hair was difficult considering he was known for his long hair when he was younger.

Following his procedure at Skalptec, Ben is much happier and has regained his lost confidence.

Then there is James. Aged 29, he had enough of losing his hair. A long term temporary concealer user, his friends and his wife used to tell him his fibres 'looked crap', so he decided it was time to do something about it.

James' transformation was significant, and has completely changed his outlook. More confident with his appearance, James has never looked back and was the first to offer to review our service when invited to do so. Thank you James!

Finally, Kevin from West Derby has an incredible story to tell. Nearly killed in a massive car crash a few years ago, Kevin is extremely lucky to be alive. Kevin couldn't control many of the physical implications of the crash, but he wanted to do something about losing his hair so he would feel better about himself.

When reading scalp micropigmentation reviews on the various websites, be careful what information you trust as much of it is fake or spurious. We prefer to show our reviews and testimonials as videos, because then you know the client is real and genuine.

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