Will Combing Hair Backwards Cause Hair Loss?

Backcombing is commonly done during hair styling, to create more volume but this type of combing / brushing forces the hair into the opposite direction. The process of backcombing is carried out the same way for men and women (women tend to have longer hair). You might have heard you should never backcomb your hair because it will eventually fall out.

Is this a myth, a tale or is it true? If you brush correctly there shouldn’t be any hair loss, however, brushing your hair
in certain cases in certain ways can result in excessive hair breakage (and thinner ‘less’ hair).

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Is Backcombing Advisable and Safe?

One belief is backcombing causes the hair follicles to break and the hair is able to come out easily. Hence:
The follicles are attached to the scalp by a thin layer of tissue called dermal papilla and when the hair is pulled backwards, the follicles become stretched and the thin tissue can be pulled out which results in hair loss. That’s one school of thought but this has never been scientifically proven.

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Backcombing occasionally won’t create any irreversible damage, however doing this regularly may well result in permanent damage.


Scalp micropigmentation is a popular hair loss solution when it comes to men and women who have to deal with losing their hair due to excessive backcombing and many other reasons. Skalpec provides the following SMP services for both men and women:

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Skalptec Can Help You

You can prevent hair loss from backcombing and you can improve your chances of maintaining healthy hair and scalp. There are different methods and hair loss solutions available and SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) is guaranteed to give you the results that you seek.

There’s a chance you can do something about your situation, and a lot will depend on how quickly you’re losing your hair, and how fast you  take action. Genetics will always be a factor.


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