Top 10 Benefits of a Hair Tattoo for Men

It’s no secret that at least many millions of people experience some kind of hair loss for various reasons. The media and the high street have plenty of hair loss interventions and as of now there is no known cure for hair loss and baldness. A hair tattoo (otherwise known as Scalp Micropigmentation and SMP is one such intervention.

So what exactly is Scalp Micropigmentation? Well, if you have browsed our website already, you will already have some idea. However, for complete novices, basically it is a non surgical process where micro pigment is applied to the scalp for those with hair loss issues such as: a receding hairline, thinning hair, alopecia and pattern baldness.

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What Can a Hair Tattoo Give You?

Having SMP can give you a convincing shaved look (buzz cut). It will also help to conceal scalp scars, and can help to create density and thickness.

Losing hair is usually associated with ageing although people of varying ages can go through mild to severe hair loss.  SMP is a proven and guaranteed way to get quick, long lasting results. Benefits of having SMP are outlines below:

Hair pigmentation to restore your hairline

SMP is an amazing solution opted for by so many people in the UK and worldwide. The industry is flooded with so many hair loss shampoos and the next best thing so it can be very confusing for the consumer. To restore a receding hairline, SMP done correctly will create the appearance of realistic hair follicles. The end result is a restored natural hairline and wide, even coverage of the scalp.

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SMP boosts self confidence

You’re experiencing the embarrassment of hiding baldness and bald spots, as you try to comb hair unnaturally into alternative directions. Alopecia can come on quickly and bald spots are common place. A sudden shock, a terminal illness and all hair loss can have a significant impact on a man’s confidence and self-esteem. Boosting confidence doesn’t have to be hard or painful especially with SMP.

Non-Invasive and Non Surgical

SMP isn’t at all like a hair transplant and there’s no surgery whatsoever. Expertise from an experienced professional is still essential because the overall result won’t be a good one if you choose the wrong SMP technician. Pigmented dots are inserted into the dermal layer of the scalp. Each SMP session duration can last hours and you will see the difference even after the first session. There is minimal discomfort, and it’s relatively pain free.

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Low maintenance & a touch up every few years

There is very little maintenance involved and no styling that you have to follow post treatment. Occasional touch ups is all it takes to maintain the look you want. A hair tattoo doesn’t create ‘real hair’ on the scalp. You can wave goodbye to creams, shampoos and other hair growth products. Sunscreen and a little scalp shine would do it.

It’s cost-effective and affordable

Hair transplant surgery is an expensive option, it doesn’t always work so it’s unreliable, and it requires maintenance. Guaranteed results are achieved and affordably too, with scalp micropigmentation.

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The results are natural & realistic

When you have SMP – for short hair, or longer hair – nobody will know it unless you tell them. The micro pigment is matched with hair colour and skin tone to give a natural look. Even scarring on the scalp will be camouflaged.

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Long lasting results

SMP treatment is spaced out between several sessions. The pigment won’t fade quickly and top up sessions are recommended from time to time if the pigment starts to fade.

A hair tattoo is suitable for all hair types

SMP is suitable whether your hair is straight, curly, waved or textured in some way. SMP is used to make a difference for those with hair loss issues including thinning hair, bald spots, male pattern baldness, and more.

It’s safe and effective

For men of different age ranges, SMP is a safe and effective hair restoration technique. A trained & experienced SMP technician should carry out treatment. SMP equipment should be made available to ensure sterile and safe working practices. Non toxic pigment is used and no chemicals or surgical procedures are used.

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A quick procedure and short healing time

The first 30 days of aftercare after SMP are the most important in order to get the best possible results. There are some definite aftercare steps to follow for both men and women. Lifestyle and work are unaffected during those first 30 days and a SMP technician will be able to give you full seamless guidance. There’s a gap between each hair tattoo session that takes place.

So, what does this all mean for you?

A hair tattoo creates the illusion of 3D realistic hair follicles on the scalp to give a shaved buzz cut look or to create more density for thinning hair. If having a hair transplant has crossed your mind, bear in mind it’s surgical where hair follicles are taken from parts of your scalp (you will have scalp scarring afterwards) and inserted into the scalp.

So if you are experiencing any type of hair loss, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a proven, safe and cost effective hair loss solution for you to consider. There are plenty of benefits so consult with a SMP technician so you can make a fully informed decision as to whether SMP is for you.

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If you’re someone going through a frustrating time when it comes to your hair, Skalptec provides the following SMP services:

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Have you Considered a Career as a SMP Technician?

Have you thought about a career in SMP? You can succeed! Whatever you need, we’ll help you to find your way and we’ll help you to build your business and personal reputation with an already reputable world class well known SMP brand. With the right support and mentorship. Read More About Skalptec Partnerships.



Skalptec currently has SMP hair loss treatment clinics in Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Shrewsbury, Jersey and Netherlands.

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  • Liverpool – Terence Jones Owner of Skalptec & 3 times Winner of Best Scalp Tech MPUK UK National Award (our Head Office is located in Burscough, Merseyside). Click here to discover for more about Terence.
  • Newcastle – Terence Jones lead technician (MPUK National Award Winner 3 times for Scalp Technician of the year). Click here for more about Terence and his clinic.
  • London – A gifted dedicated SMP lead technician. Click here for more about our services.
  • Shrewsbury – Michelle Watson lead technician (our newset clinic opened in 2019). Click here for more about Michelle and her SMP clinic.

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Skalptec is an established award winning SMP provider with scalp micropigmentation clinics located across the UK. If you are tired of using monthly lotions, potions and shampoos SMP could be for you!

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