Overcoming the Psychological Impact of Hair Loss

Hair loss affects both men and women across all ages, not just in the UK but in every town and city across the world. Beyond the physical impact that may not be quite so obvious in its early stages, losing hair can lead to devastating physiological effects like anxiety, stress, and depression for many. Self-esteem can be affected for a very long time if it’s not properly managed.

Here you will find a breakdown of the psychological impact that hair thinning has, and ways to overcome the strains and worries associated with losing your hair.

What is the Psychological Impact of Hair loss?

Human hair plays a major role in what most consider to be a symbol of beauty today. Some people will even say they feel more beautiful and youthful because of their hair.

Doctors and specialists have said that there is a constant pressure for many, to maintain a healthy amount of hair. Having a full head of hair is a must for the majority of people today and it is regarded as one of the standards of excellence.

stem cell research for hair growth, alopecia, scalp micropigmentationOver the years, individuals, families, and society as a whole have lived through the traditions of looking and feeling good. We all feel the need to look good, especially since society provides us with benchmarks of going with trends, expectation and outlook for how our hair and our style looks.

The condition of the hair and the scalp plays a distinct role on self confidence. Women can spend hours upon hours with a hairdresser and a beauty therapist to get the hair just the way they want it.  A lot of men care just as much about having fuller thicker hair and a healthy scalp, so there are many similarities because a new haircut has a way of making men look and feel sharper, cleaner, more attractive, more self confident and manly.

The psychological impact of hair thinning, when bad hair loss is discovered can be immense on the individual. Some effects:

  • Doctors and hair specialists in the UK have discovered that losing hair can lead to high emotions which can derail self confidence. Quality of life can deteriorate and social detachment and isolation can be the unfortunate result. Both men and women can develop mental health problems
  • When a person loses confidence in their hair this can affect the way they treat the rest of their body, where self confidence can reduce and shame and feeling ugly can become evident

What’s the Psychological Impact of Hair Loss on Women?

Although hair thinning is more common in men than women – for example when over the age of 50 – there have been measurable and consistent efforts over the years to lessen the stigma and psychological impact of hair thinning in men.

However, even though a woman values her hair as a true expression of their femininity and “the pride of a woman”, hair loss solutions for psychological effects of hairloss, scalp micropigmentation, skalptec ltdwoman aren’t as heavily promoted or advertised in the media. There are many women globally who are affected by conditions such as alopecia, hair thinning, hair loss and even total baldness.

Society still seems to cringe when a woman goes bald, unlike when a bald man appears in public. With the absence of the intense drive to provide hair loss solutions for women, females can also have a very difficult time managing the psychological effects of hair loss.

Getting Over the Emotional Consequences of Hair loss

Confiding in a professional therapist is more common these days than you might have heard. If you ever feel that the emotional pressure of dealing with hair loss is becoming unbearable, then your best bet would be to see a mental health professional.

They are trained to understand your problems, they offer solutions and listen to you without judging you, so feel free to confide in them. More so, talk therapy is a widely accepted type of treatment for mental health issues, so never be ashamed to seek this form of help.

Seeking Advice from Beauty Professionals

While trying to hide bald spots, using only hair comb-overs might not give you the results you desire. You can instead, consider seeing a beauty professional to know what style and color of wigs might compliment your skin tone and fashion sense best. That way, you’ll be able to hide away the bald spots and restore some confidence.

Talk to your Doctor

Find out from your doctor if the form of hair loss you have can be treated or minimised with either finasteride or minoxidil. Once your doctor is able to diagnose the underlying cause of your hair thinning, depending on the results, you can start to take medicative actions as prescribed by your doctor. This can help to restore and prevent further damage to your hair. Then you can gauge just how much it boosts your self confidence.


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Be Practical

Hair loss is not a life threatening disease; so the moment you’re able to understand and accept this, you’re on your way to restoring your self confidence and the way you feel about yourself.

Try to take it with a pinch of salt – it might be easier said than done for those who aren’t going through it, it’s understandable –  and constantly remind yourself that there are other life threatening diseases like cancer, some of which are truly life threatening. Before long, you can learn to live with your hair loss, and the emotional baggage attached to it might be easier to bear in the future.

Putting your Bald Spot Into Perspective

Keep in mind that your family and loved ones will never dissociate themselves from you just because you do not have as much hair on your head as you used to.

If you ever get concerned or insecure about how your partner will react to your bald spot, remember that other aspects of your body can amplify your sensuality and attractiveness aside from your hair. Try to stop worrying. Losing your hair might seem like an issue that’s out of your control, but how you react is up to you.

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Square up your shoulders with your chin up and be decisive with the knowledge that the hair you have lost doesn’t have to reduce the quality of your life and your relationships with family, friends and loved ones. Once that is established, you can always seek extra help from medical professionals. Then, soon enough you’ll find that your lack of self confidence has become a thing of the past.


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