Supplements That Cause Hair Loss

Supplements that cause hair loss might not be that obvious, but losing hair has been linked to taking certain workout powders, pills and drinks. Working out at the gym can be hard at the best of times, and lifting weights too much can increase testosterone levels which can mean losing hair faster. supplements that cause hair lossWorkout supplements usually offer great help to achieve those physical & nutritional gains you’re after. Cardio normally brings down the amount of DHT in the blood.

But is it true that some of those protein supplements can cause you hair loss and potentially other bodily problems?

The protein shake springs to mind, but what does it do exactly, and can it affect hair growth? Well, the shake works as a meal replacement, and as a pre-workout and post-workout snack and it can give you an energy boost.

Supplements that cause hair loss, can come in many flavours these days and most importantly they come with different ingredients.

So, can protein shakes cause you actual hair loss? A lot depends on the ingredients and usually the composition of the shake, and a lot of supplements will not cause any disruption to your hair at all. In fact, the right nutrients will nourish your scalp to help maintain hair growth. But let’s consider the possibility that Creatine and DHEA are not the best additions to your diet if you want to retain and maintain your hair.

Can Creatine Cause Hair to Fall Out?

Creatine is a chemical component found in some protein shakes.  It can be also be found in sports supplements and creatine is scientifically proven to strengthen the muscles. So, it sounds very beneficial and Creatine benefits include –

creatine chemical composition diagram

helping to maintain high-intensity training. So how can something as useful as this be so bad for your hair? Well, Creatine doesn’t actually attack your hair follicles directly, but it will increase the amount of testosterone in your bloodstream. As a result something called DHT will be produced which is proven to accelerate hair loss and baldness.

So, to summarise: Creatine creates DHT that can lead to your hair falling out permanently. You should do your due diligence before using creatine in your diet, especially if there is already a family history of male baldness.

Hair Loss and DHEA

DHEA is another workout supplement component that does have many wonderful positive effects on your body. It increases your muscle and bone strength and improves the efficiency of your immune system. DHEA is often found in bodybuilding supplements to increase metabolism as well as reducing overall body fat.

DHEA chemical formula image

What’s so bad about using workout supplements that contain DHEA ? It’s good to gain a little bit of muscle mass but what if you knew that DHEA works similarly to Creatine? DHT can cause the same problems. * Read more about DHT further down the page – back to DHEA..

Hair loss from DHEA can be reversed most of the time. How? Stop using supplements that contain it. Also remember to increase your daily vitamin and mineral intake to improve your the chances of your hair growing back again.

Is DHT Hair Loss Reversible?

You noticed earlier that DHT is one of the big causes of hair loss from using workout supplements. Most of the time if smp hairyou stop using the supplements containing Creatine and DHEA you will see the problem going away over time. But when this doesn’t work, then it’s definitely a time to seek expert medical advice. You can be referred for tests to see if it is being caused by something else.

However, it’s worth knowing that DHT inhibitors like Propecia or Minoxidil can really help to slow down the process of losing your hair. To reverse hair loss in these cases, it is possible – with the help of a medical professional – for levels of DHT to be lowered and blocked.  Hair follicles can then have the chance of regaining normal function.

But relying on chemical solutions to overcome hair loss has pros and cons, and chemicals can have side effects, so do be careful. Again, make sure to always check with a doctor before you use these types of products.

Will Whey Protein Stop Your Hair from Growing?

As mentioned earlier, protein, in general, is highly beneficial to your body and we all need protein on a daily basis. Protein is actually very good for maintaining the strength of the hair not just muscles, so you can include foods which are protein rich as part of a balanced diet.

whey protein

Let’s look at whey. The body absorbs this type of protein more easily compared to other protein types, so it is good for you. It’s considered a type of ‘protein for regrowth’ that will provide your hair with needed nutrients so it’s certainly worth trying if hair loss runs in the family.

Using the right supplement or shake can help to sustain hair growth and healthy hair. Be mindful of ingredients like Creatine and DHEA because these can be restrictive. Do remember to always consult a professional if you are worried about the health of your hair and your scalp. We can’t stress this enough – don’t leave it to chance.


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