Stop Scalp Shine After Scalp Micropigmentation

Not everyone will be affected by a shiny scalp. Does SMP make the scalp shiny? Does smoothness and moisture cause shine and glare? What length should stubble be at? If you have oily skin will this make a shiny scalp worse? You will find different retail products to reduce the shine, and some ingredients should be avoided.

Are you having issues with your hair and scalp? Perhaps you’ve had SMP or you’re considering it? Visual shiny scalp because your hair is thinning is not the topic for this blog post. A shiny scalp after SMP stems from: bright lights, smoothness, and moisture, so how do you stop or reduce a shiny scalp and is zero shine possible?

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Is an oily scalp the reason?

The scalp produces oil it’s normal for men and women. The oil keeps skin supple and protects the skin from things like bacteria. There are different skin types (dry, normal, oily etc) so the approach to shiny scalp has to be approached on an individual basis.

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Keep stubble at a certain length

Shaving with the grain and not against the grain, and a little less closer so the stubble is a fraction longer, will help to offset shine.

You can also:

  1. wash daily and gently exfoliate
  2. Use a quick absorbing moisturiser
  3. Manage sweat with a towel to absorb the sweat

Shine, Moisture and smoothness

Think of sunlight or artificial light bouncing off the surface of a shaved smooth SMP scalp. When this happens, the surface will shine and shine will be noticed after having a wet shave. When there is hair growing from the scalp there is not as much shine because the hair disrupts the shine on the skin surface. Sweating is natural and can’t be avoided, so sebum from sweating can also add to the visible shine.

Ingredients to avoid…

Avoid products that contain alcohol (alcohol can fade or damage SMP). Avoid using harsh chemicals that give a stinging sensation once you have shaved. Thick and heavy lotions and creams that leave a greasy residue should be avoided. If you see a product that says ‘matte’,  ‘natural’, ‘absorbs quickly’ and ‘lightweight’ try it.

Considered using a daytime Matte product?

Matte products come as powders and creams, for use after SMP are usually moisturisers and sun blockers. Matte is the opposite of glossy. A good matte product will block out harmful rays from the sun and create dry matting.

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The sebaceous glands and vellus hairs

Here is some useful information around the topic of scalp oil and the smallest hairs. Oil glands exist all over the body, but the scalp in particular has a higher amount of these glands. You may or may not know, that the smallest hairs on the skin are called vellus hairs. If you’re someone experiencing pattern baldness, this means your hair follicles are shrinking and they will become skin cells; so at that point, you will have zero hair because all the vellus hairs will have gone.

So is zero shine possible?

When you’ve had scalp micropigmentation (a hair tattoo buzz cut), you should look to keep your hair shaved low, and reduce shine from the scalp. You might have heard of an anti glare product called Zero Shine (controls oil, protects from the sun and keeps the scalp moisturised) and the way it minimises shine.  You can reduce the shine effects from sebum and sweating by using Zero Shine after a wet shave to give a lasting (it doesn’t crack or fall off), waterproof matte look. Having a wet shave every couple of days with clippers or a foil shaver can also help.

As you can see you can minimise glare and shine after having SMP in different – easy to manage – ways. Also remember, soap will dry out your skin so use a suitable shampoo. After shaving your scalp you can rub lotion in – use a light moisturiser that’s natural and absorbs quickly into the skin. A useful tip: you can use a matting lotion during the day, and an optional moisturising cream before you go to bed.

Include an SPF for essential long term care and skin protection and remember, the amount of shine experienced will differ from person to person. If you have any questions a professional scalp technician will help. Read about scalp micropigmentation aftercare.

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