Stem Cell Research for Hair Growth for Alopecia

If you are one of the unfortunate people suffering from Alopecia, there is a chance that you will be looking for a solution to alopecia just about every day. Stem cell therapy may be an advancement you have already come across and although this isn’t an option available to the public as a solution just yet (it could be many years) it could well be an hair loss alternative in the future.

What is stem cell therapy for hair loss?

It’s important to know what stem cells actually are in order to understand how this can help treat Alopecia.

  • Stem cells develop into different types of cells throughout the body.
  • Stem cells are able to repair and replace damaged tissue.

Essentially hair stem cell therapy treatment would mean that a small skin sample would be used to obtain the hair follicles. Hair would then be able to grow where the hairs are placed as well as in the place from where the hairs are taken. A lot would depend on each individual such as genetics, quality of the hair and the amount of hair loss for example.

stem cell research for hair growth, alopecia, scalp micropigmentation

Can stem cell therapy increase hair growth?

A little over a year ago (in 2020), one study discovered regrowth in just 4 months. Stem cells were used to trigger hair regrowth among people with male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) which is a very common condition particularly amongst men. The stem cells taken from fat tissue were effective because the fat tissue contained growth hormones. Only people with alopecia took part in the trial, and after a solution (ADSC-CE solution) was rubbed into the scalp twice a day for 4 months (half used a placebo), there was an increase in hair density and hair thickness – the number of hairs on the scalp & an increased diameter of the hair follicles, for those who used ADSC-CE.

The complete study was published by the researchers. Further testing will be needed.

In another study carried out in 2017, stem cell therapy was found to increase hair density by nearly 30% almost 6 months following treatment. Additional studies carried out by different researchers also suggests that stem cells have distinct ability to improve / increase hair growth in the scalp.

Here is another stem cell breakthrough for hair loss and baldness.

Where can I apply for a stem cell hair procedure?

Unfortunately, stem cell treatment for hair is not available yet. Research is ongoing and it is important that thorough research and all side effects are known in order for the process to be safe when it is eventually made available to the public.

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How much will it cost?

Stem cell therapy is still being researched so the exact costs are unknown right now. Investigational stem cell therapies are still being tested globally and the price for an advanced treatment such as this, would be considered to be fairly expensive when compared to other treatments currently in the market.

How can I apply for investigational therapy?

A lot of clinics not officially approved by Governments are still able to carry out tests, investigations and trials. So, you should take care and do your research if you do decide to approach clinics.

It would be advantageous to ensure that any stem cell therapy being offered a clinic is (a) approved, and (b) is registered as an official clinic carrying out studies and investigations in hair stem cell research.


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stem cell research for hair growth, alopecia, scalp micropigmentation


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