SMP Hair and Trico Pigmentation Compared

SMP hair and trico pigmentation (not forgetting hair transplants) are popular procedures in clinics in the UK and globally. At Skalptec, we receive a lot of questions about trico pigmentation, and how it compares to scalp micropigmentation.

hair tattoo before and afterFor those who are not aware, tricopigmentation is a temporary form of scalp micropigmentation.  SMP stays on the scalp indefinitely unless it is removed. SMP hair can fade if it isn’t maintained and it requires just a short top-up treatment occasionally every 3-5 years.

Trico however, in theory at least, starts to fade after 6-9 months and is completely gone within a couple of years.


Many of those asking about trico pigmentation in the UK ask about the long term implications of the treatment being permanent scalp and are under the impression that trico is somehow safer. This is incorrect and this belief is fundamentally flawed.

Whether you’re considering SMP (scalp micro pigmentation) or tripigmentation, the following are considerations that every prospective client should be aware of:

  • With all other variables taken out of the equation, SMP produces a better quality 3D illusion of real hair than tricopigmentation.
  • Tricopigmentation clients often require top-ups every 3-6 months.
  • SMP can be removed by laser. Tricopigmentation cannot be removed it can only be left to fade which can take years.
  • Tricopigmentation does not always fade evenly, leaving the recipient in a difficult situation for an extended period of time as they wait for the rest of their treatment to go.
  • All of the most experienced scalp technicians specialise in SMP (including Skalptec Scalp Tecnicians).
  • SMP is more cost-effective and more affordable overall.

smp before and after picture, skalptec


Scalp micropigmentation is a popular hair loss solution when it comes to men and women who have to deal with losing their hair. Skalpec provides the following SMP services for men and women:

If you are experiencing alopecia areata you can read more about alopecia areata and scalp micropigmentation here.

If you need help take your first step and talk to us. We have achieved recognition and awards for SMP over the years and we can provide the best possible experience. You can find Video Reviews, Case Studies and Before and After pictures on our website and on You Tube.

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In common with other highly experienced scalp micropigmentation clinics, at Skalptec we provide SMP services for men and women. We do not carry out tricopigmentation. If you are certain you would prefer a micropigmentation treatment for your scalp, contact us or call us 0845 625 0025 and our experienced team will be happy to provide you with the discreet advice and guidance you need.