SMP Compared to Other Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss is prevalent amongst men and women of all ages today. While it’s both frustrating and distressing, fortunately there is a variety of hair replacement options.

Among those, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), stands out as a guaranteed hair loss solution, due to its non-invasive nature and results are seen after the first hair tattoo session.

Here we compare SMP with other hair loss treatments you might not have heard about, and you can also read more on SMP benefits for scar concealing compared to other traditional methods.

Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation – What is SMP?

SMP is a popular & modern cosmetic procedure if you are losing your hair; and it involves applying custom organic pigments to the dermal layer of the scalp. What you have by your final SMP session is the appearance of hair follicles, and the appearance of a full head of hair.

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Hair Transplants

The Hair Transplant Process

Hair transplant surgeries, like FUE and FUT, involve moving hair follicles to balding areas. SMP is largely regarded as the main alternative to having hair transplantation.

Pros and Cons

Pros: When a hair transplant is carried out properly, and if it doesn’t fail, it offers a viable solution.

Cons: Having a hair transplant is invasive and surgery is required.  There is scalp scarring afterwards, visual results are not immediate, and downtime is lengthy. SMP offers a realistic non-surgical alternative, and visual results are immediate.

Suitability and Lifestyle Considerations

A transplants is a good choice for anyone looking for hair regrowth. SMP is ideal for a wider range of clients, for example if you have limited donor hair and if you have a busy lifestyle (requiring no downtime or time off work).

Cost and is it long lasting?

Transplants can be effective, however they can also fail; and with all of that comes extra cost for repeat procedures. SMP is guaranteed to work and it’s a cost-effective, long lasting option with next to no day-to-day maintenance involved.


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Medications (Minoxidil, Finasteride)

How They Both Work

Minoxidil and Finasteride are meant to slow down hair loss and increase hair regrowth. SMP is an alternative to using those, and SMP does not have any side effects whereas using Finasteride or Minoxidil or both does.

Pros and Cons

Pros: SMP offers a hair loss solution which is hassle-free and lasts for years. A touch up session is required every few years, to maintain original results, so maintenance is minimal.

Cons: Both minoxidil and finasteride work well for many, however continuous usage is required.

Suitability and Lifestyle Considerations

Research in 2024 suggests early use, suits early-stage hair loss (although there are multiple factors and reasons for losing hair). SMP is effective during early stages and latter stages of hair loss for men and women; so it’s a flexible alternative for younger and older generations.

Cost and can it be used long term?

Paying continuously for medicines, pills, shampoos and similar can be difficult for some to keep up long term. It can be a long term solution if you have the budget. SMP costs mean that once SMP treatment is paid for, you will start saving on all those other hair loss monthly costs you used to use.


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Wigs and Hairpieces

A Brief Overview

Wigs and hairpieces, while providing immediate results, require ongoing care. Skalptec clients often prefer SMP for its more natural and maintenance-free nature.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Versatile and freedom to experiment with different wigs. Convenient and saves on time. Non invasive and immediate results. Protects against the sun and external elements. Achieve a natural look. Comfortable to wear.

Cons: Wigs can be expensive especially those made from human hair. Regular maintenance and cleaning required. They can get hot underneath. Inferior wigs can appear shiny. Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic inferior quality wigs.

Suitability and Lifestyle Considerations

Wigs are suitable if you are looking for a temporary or permanent change in style and appearance. SMP is a long term solution.

Cost and Longevity

The recurring costs of wigs and hairpieces make them less economical over time compared to the one-time investment in Skalptec’s SMP service.

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Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

The Technique

Low-level laser therapy also known as cold laser therapy can promote hair growth and requires a consistent approach. Low intensity light is used to stimulate biochemical changes in the cells; repairs tissue and reduces inflammation.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Non-invasive and painless. Safe and no known side effects.

Cons: A series of treatments is required to see results. More research is needed to evaluate the overall effects of LLLT.

Suitability and Lifestyle Considerations

It’s suitable for people in early stages of hair loss. SMP offers a flexible solution and is effective for people of all generations.

Cost and Long Term

If you are looking to have this type of treatment, you will need to have more than a couple to start seeing hair regrowth. Session of LLLT can be costly, which makes SMP a more cost effective solution.

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Herbal and Natural Remedies

A Brief Overview

Herbal and natural remedies are essentially plant-based treatments. Used as alternatives to conventional medicine, they can be used to treat health conditions.

Publicised everywhere you will find for example: teas, health powders, and nutritional supplements. With health benefits listed historically, there can be unregulated products on the market, so caution should always be followed.

While natural remedies themselves are safe, there is some way to go before they are respected more for treating illness.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Natural and non-invasive. There are many herbs available. Your health overall can benefit in various ways even though the aim is to improve hair regrowth.

Cons: Herbal medicines are not always regulated. You might be allergic to certain herbs. Effectiveness varies from person to person.

Suitability and Lifestyle Considerations

If you strongly prefer a holistic approach you may prefer this option. However, SMP provides a proven & scientifically backed alternative.

Cost and Longevity

The cost of using herbs and natural remedies for hair loss can vary. Some are less affordable than others depending on rareness and complexity.

Remedies tend to be used long term to achieve and maintain desired results.


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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

The Technique

First the blood is collected.  Then the blood platelets are separated, and the platelet part of the blood is extracted. The PRP is injected into the desired area.

Pros and Cons

Pros: PRP is safe and natural because it comes from one’s own body. PRP promotes healing. PRP is versatile and can be used on different body tissue.

Cons: PRP can be expensive. Effectiveness varies from person to person. During treatment pain can be experienced where the PRP is injected.

Suitability and Lifestyle Considerations

PRP is suited to you if you’re looking for natural regrowth methods. PRP can help with: alopecia, menopause hair loss and thinning hair.

If you are healthy you will more than likely be eligible. The success rate varies between 65% and 90%, and if you have lost a lot of hair, the success rate may be lower.

PRP can be combined with a hair transplant or finasteride (orla) and minoxidil (oral).

* You should always seek medical advice from a professional before considering any type of hair loss treatments.

Cost and Longevity

PRP is considered to be expensive. You might need to have repeat treatments which can push up the overall costs.

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So Why Does SMP Stand Out?

SMP offer a multitude of benefits. There’s no surgery or maintenance, and what you get is immediate results. Long lasting, SMP is suitable for men and women who experience all stages of hair loss (from early stages upwards). It’s affordable and a cost-effective option.

Have you considered having SMP with Skalptec?

Selecting a proficient Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) specialist is essential if you want to achieve the best possible results. At Skalptec, we pride ourselves on delivering top quality SMP services, and we go the extra mile to meet your expectations. With many SMP Awards under our belt, our team is committed to creating natural-looking results to boost your confidence and your hairline. Skalptec is a top choice for anyone considering SMP.

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Choose a Credible & Experienced Scalp Technician

Make sure your scalp technician is worthy of being called credible; here’s some tips on what you should look out for.

Selecting your SMP Technician

  • Find a SMP specialist who has carried out successful treatments and maintained overall client satisfaction.
  • Take a look at SMP reviews and before after pictures of clients before you decide who to have your SMP with.
  • Ask questions, and try to get a feel for how your experience will be.
  • Choose an established SMP provider who can give you natural looking results.
  • Pick a skilled professional who will help you to get the best possible results.


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If you’re someone going through a frustrating time when it comes to losing your hair, Skalptec provides the following SMP services for men and women:

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Start Your SMP Journey 

If you’re struggling with hair loss, Scalp Micropigmentation (Hair Tattoo) offers a unique, guaranteed solution. Our clients’ experiences speak volumes: SMP flat out transforms lives. It’s not just about restoring your hair, it’s about reclaiming your confidence. The psychological benefits are positive. Embrace SMP, and start your journey to renewed hair. Here you can read more about the psychological impacts.


Have you thought about starting a career in SMP with Skalptec? You can succeed! Whatever you need, we’ll help you to find your way in what’s a very competitive and popular profession. We’ll help you to build your business and your personal reputation with a SMP company already regarded as world class. We are a well known SMP brand. Our support and mentorship is guaranteed. Read More About Skalptec Partnerships.



Skalptec currently has SMP hair loss treatment clinics in Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Shrewsbury, Jersey and Netherlands.

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  • Liverpool – Terence Jones is the Owner of Skalptec & 3 times Winner of Best Scalp Technician in the UK – MPUK UK National Award winner (our Head Office is located in Burscough, Merseyside). Click here to discover for more about Terence.
  • Newcastle – Marvin is our lead technician. Click here for more about our Newcastle SMP clinic.
  • London – Will is a gifted and experienced SMP lead technician. Click here for more about Will and our London SMP clinic.
  • Shrewsbury – Michelle Watson is the lead technician (our newest clinic opened in 2019). Click here for more about Michelle and her SMP clinic in Shrewsbury.

You will also find some of our top dedicated technicians with Skalptec clinics in:

  • Jersey – Alan Leigh is the lead technician. Click here for more about Alan and his SMP clinic in Jersey.
  • Netherlands – Aruna Mohan is the lead technician. Click here for more about Aruna and her SMP clinic in the Netherlands.




Skalptec is a proven & established award winning SMP provider with professional scalp micropigmentation clinics located across the UK and Netherlands. If you are tired of using hair transplants, monthly lotions, potions and shampoos SMP could be for you!

Having compared SMP with other hair loss options, you now have the opportunity to take your first step and talk to us. There is a reason you landed here, and we are here to help. You can find Video ReviewsCase Studies and Before and After pictures on our website and on You Tube.

We can help you. Whether you’re experiencing scarring, early signs of hair loss, a receding hairline, thinning hair, a balding crown to full baldness / male pattern baldness & female pattern baldness, alopecia or another hair loss issue – you can Contact us. Chat with one of our friendly team.