Skalptec Announces Scalp Micropigmentation Expansion

At Skalptec we’re incredibly passionate about scalp micropigmentation, and the benefits it has brought to thousands of men and women who were anxious about losing their hair. Unless you’ve been in the same situation, you can never fully appreciate the impact it can have on your confidence and self-perception.

hair tattoo before and afterScalp micropigmentation is the only permanent solution to hair loss offering guaranteed results, and we are fully committed to offering a first class service to each and every client we see. Read more about our 3D Scalp Micropigmentation here.

Whether or not to expand our business was always a tough decision for us. The personal service you experience at Skalptec is what makes us unique, and we didn’t want to make the same mistake that so many of our competitors have made, by losing the personal touch in favour of growth.

Client demand made the required course of action pretty obvious. We couldn’t continue to ask our clients to travel such great distances to access our service, and we also wanted to make our clinics more accessible to our existing clients for top-ups and other service-related visits.

We absolutely had to expand, so we made the decision about a year ago to open a number of strategically placed locations, but only if we could find exceptional people to join our team that could deliver the kind of service we’ve become renowned for.

We were extremely fortunate to find four hugely talented individuals, enabling us to open new clinic locations in London, Rotterdam (Aruna Mohan) and on the island of Jersey (Alan Leigh). We also opened a further location in the city of Newcastle staffed by Founder Terence Jones.

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* As of 2023 Skalptec has 6 SMP clinics in:

  • Liverpool – Terence Jones Owner and lead technician of Skalptec & Winner of Best Scalp Tech MPUK UK National Award (our Head Office is located in Burscough, Merseyside). Click here to discover for more about Terence.
  • Newcastle – Terence Jones Owner and lead technician (MPUK National Award Winner 3 times for Scalp Technician of the year). Click here for more about Terence and his clinic.
  • London – A gifted dedicated SMP lead technician. Click here for more about our service.
  • Shrewsbury – Michelle Watson lead technician (our newset clinic opened in 2019). Click here for more about Michelle and her SMP clinic.

You will also find some of our top dedicated technicians with Skalptec clinics in:

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Scalp micropigmentation is a popular hair loss solution when it comes to men and women who have to deal with losing their hair. Skalpec provides the following SMP services for men and women:

If you need help take your first step and talk to us. We have achieved recognition and awards for SMP over the years and we can provide the best possible experience. You can find Video Reviews, Case Studies and Before and After pictures on our website and on You Tube.

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All of our technicians have been trained to the highest possible standard, and offer world class talent combined with artistic flair and limitless compassion. Terence Jones, Ian Allen, Alan Leigh, Aruna Mohan and Michelle Watson have acquired a vast range of experience at our HQ and flagship clinic in Liverpool, and are capable of handling even the most challenging treatments with competence and professionalism.

We remain fully committed to the delivery of scalp micropigmentation treatments the Skalptec way – the only way we know how – with 100% focus on the needs of our clients at all times. In stark contrast to the conveyor-belt style of other major clinics, we always put our customers first, and always will.

For more information about our service, or to book a consultation or procedure in one of our new clinics, please contact us.

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