Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare

To maintain the final scalp micropigmentation results, it’s important to follow certain aftercare steps after each SMP treatment and once all treatments have been completed. It is essential to adhere to a regular scalp micropigmentation aftercare routine. The steps you take after your final SMP treatment will affect the overall results.

One of the aims of the aftercare is to reduce the chances of fading, so embracing all possible aftercare measures will always help even if it might feel tedious.

scalp micropigmentation aftercare
Underneath certain layers of the skin, special pigments are placed in the scalp with special microneedles, and during the recovery period, new skin layers eventually grow over the areas of the scalp that have been treated with SMP. After healing and recovery has taken place you will be able to enjoy the best possible results.

scalp micropigmentation aftercare

Aftercare Following Your SMP Treatment – What Happens Next?

You will want to take extra care during treatments and not just after your final treatment.  All of the treatment area needs to be kept clean and getting the scalp wet should be avoided. This means that to ensure lasting results, for at least a month after your last SMP treatment you should not use facilities such as saunas, tanning beds, chlorinated pools or steam rooms. Also, if you’re a blood donor, it is advisable to refrain from donating blood for at least a year after your final SMP treatment.

Below is an outline of what to expect from an aftercare routine and it’s a guideline. Always ask your scalp micropigmentation technician for full information regarding aftercare.

Aftercare Up To Day 5

Over these first days, make sure you take on plenty of water and fluids. You can dab a damp cloth over the scalp area to keep it clean but not under any circumstances should you make the scalp wet; there is a big difference between damp and wet. In bed you can cover the scalp with a hat or something loose that’s dry and comfortable to wear on the head. So the key things to remember are: avoid touching the scalp with your hands where possible, don’t have any showers yet, and don’t shave the scalp at all during these first 5 days.

smp before and after picture, skalptec

Aftercare Checklist for the first days following treatment. Avoid these:

  • Do not shave the scalp at all for the first 10 days at least.
  • Sun damage and sun exposure: long periods in the sun can lead to the pigmentation in the scalp fading. Take extra care and cover up the scalp completely for these first days.
  • Touching the scalp with any part of the hands may cause infection so try your best not to do this. If it is absolutely necessary, make sure your hands are washed to minimise any risk of bacteria.
  • AHA’s (for example glycolic acid) fade pigment, so during recovery and after recovery AHA’s should always be avoided.
  • As mentioned previously, during these first days you should avoid the use of tanning beds, saunas and steam rooms, chlorine and swimming.
  • No intense exercise which will make you perspire a lot. Sweating a lot can affect the way the skin on the scalp heals.
  • Don’t shampoo, wash or scrub the scalp. Agitating or scrubbing the scalp may break the skin and the open wounds on the scalp that are trying to heal will remain open. All wounds on the body need to close, they need to heal, so treat your scalp with care. There are chemicals in shampoo so avoid those. It might be tempting to pick or rub or scratch at your scalp, but do be mindful that if you remove any skin with your fingers you may be removing the pigment as well. Everything needs to settle and to heal. The desire to wash your scalp may be strong, but be strong, don’t.

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SMP Aftercare Advice and Tips

Aftercare Day 6 to Day 10

So after 5 days of following aftercare advice you will be on your way to healing well and the healing must continue. From day 5 to day 10 you should refrain from doing:

  • You can wash your head with cold water but do so gently and with care. A mild soap can be used (ideally with natural ingredients that won’t agitate or inflame the skin). Be careful not to remove any scabs, the little scabs will fall of in their own time.
  • Clean your hands and use moisturiser as much as three times a day. Skin can become dry so use a natural moisturiser which doesn’t contain perfume.
  • It is important still, not to scratch the scalp. Small scabs will form where each pigment has been applied and it is essential not to pick at those.
  • You should refrain from shampooing still. The skin needs to heal and any agitation will slow down the healing process.
  • Avoid putting anything containing chemicals on to the scalp.
  • No heavy sweating continues on from the first 5 days but you can do some light exercise if you really want to. If you can refrain from exercise completely for these days, you won’t have to worry about sweating excessively.

After all scabs on the scalp have healed an electric shaver (foil) can be used as an alternative to a hand held razor. However, after each SMP session that you have with professional scalp technician, you should refrain from having a wet shave with a razor for at least 10 days.

Aftercare Day 30

  • You can swim, and you can visit saunas and tanning booths.
  • Use 30 to 50 SPF sunscreen on he scalp.
  • Use moisturiser on the scalp daily.
  • Take measures to avoid head shine.

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Aftercare – Symptoms of Infection

  • If you have fever – The likelihood of a fever being related to SMP is next to zero and it’s more than likely going to be associated with something else. See a doctor if you become unwell.
  • If you experience any swelling – A small amount of swelling is normal when having scalp micro pigmentation done. Anything more than that might be the sign of an infection.

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