How to Cover Bald Spots

Bald spots can be experienced by men and women as the hair gets thinner, and also spots of baldness can be visual rather quickly with health conditions such as alopecia.  For a long time, the ‘covering bald spot solutions’ have ranged from using hats, creams and pills to having a hair transplant. Though effective, these methods don’t offer a solution that’s guaranteed to work.

Do You Have a Bald Spot on Your Head?

male-pattern-baldness-female-pattern-baldnessMaybe you’re anxious and worried about going bald or getting your first bald spot or perhaps you’re balding already? There are many reasons for covering up a bald spot, and you might be experiencing one of the following:

  • Thinning hair
  • Scarring or damage to the scalp
  • Alopecia
  • Cancer
  • It’s a non-invasive procedure
  • You will have long lasting and natural looking results
  • Affordable hair loss alternative

SMP Offers a Proven Solution for Hair Loss

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-invasive treatment. If you are balding or if you have a condition such as alopecia, scalp dark-skin-SMP-male-modelmicropigmentation offers something that becomes more popular with men and women year after year.

As one of the fastest growing hair loss treatments (also known as hair tattoo, scalp tattoo and SMP), you can experience the remarkable appearance of having a full head of hair again, whether your hair is bald, shorter or long. Everything is seamlessly carried out and your skin tone, skin colour and hair colour is taken into consideration.

SMP can last a long time into the future and it is a non-surgical solution that gives quick guaranteed results.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a Specialised Process

SMP is not usually a painful process. There are those who have a lower pain threshold than others, and many who have SMP say they do not feel any pain at all.

The whole process to cover up bald spots can take a few sessions, where a specialist SMP technician carries out the treatment with the use of special microneedles which are used to insert special pigment into the affected areas of the scalp. The microneedle does not harm any hair follicles. The hairline can also be treated if chosen and agreed upon during the initial consultation.

SMP is Helpful for Conditions Such as Alopecia Areata

When the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles this results in a condition such as alopecia areata and this condition affects a lot of men and women. SMP brings a way to cover bald spots on the head even for those with serious and less serious health conditions.

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Restore Self Confidence. Cover Up Those Bald Patches with SMP

Alopecia Areata is unpredictable and can be life changing, where one bald spot can turn into many in different places across the scalp. The need to hide bald patches becomes a necessity to many and there is no known cure for alopecia as of December 2020. If you are looking how to cover bald spots then scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive non-surgical solution that will bring the results you want.

How to Cover Bald Spots Before and After

Here on this page and throughout the Skalptec website you can see some of the results achieved for Skalptec clients. Further before and after Scalp Micropigmentation testimonials, videos and images can be seen by going to Reviews, Case Studies, Photo Gallery, Facebook Reviews and Google My Business Reviews.  Skalptec has won many UK scalp micropigmentation awards and is regarded as the leading UK and internationally recognised scalp micropigmentation provider.





Scalp micropigmentation is a popular hair loss solution when it comes to men and women who have to deal with losing their hair. Skalpec provides the following SMP services for men and women:

If your hairline is receding you can go here to find out more about receding hairlines and how SMP will help.

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Experience Skalptec’s Excellent Reputation – Simply the Best SMP Specialists in the UK & Europe

You always have an exceptional SMP technician with you on your journey with Skalptec. We have fantastic aftercare from all our clinics, and we have an impeccable reputation. Scalp Micropigmentation is a preferred excellent hair loss solution with guaranteed results. SMP is a widely used alternative to having a hair transplant and it is proven to be a very effective, non-surgical, safe procedure for men and women.

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Skalptec is a leading brand in the UK and Europe and leads by example with proven success. Scalp micropigmentation is carried out all year round by our incredible scalp technicians at our SMP clinics which are currently in Liverpool, Newcastle, London, Jersey, Shrewsbury and Netherlands. Experience our award winning treatments and services  – we can guarantee you the best possible, natural looking results that will look great. Restore your self confidence and your self esteem with Skalptec.


Scalp Micropigmentation done the right way will always bring you the best results to last a very long time – guaranteed – every time. We plan and discuss everything with you, from the beginning. Get back your confidence and achieve the stylish look you seek. Every year SMP becomes increasingly popular, and with celebrities as well. Without a shadow of a doubt, SMP offers the best solution for hair replacement.


Skalptec clients are genuinely impressed and very happy when they discover us. We are very proud and passionate about what we do – and that goes for all of our scalp technicians at Skalptec clinics. If you are looking for an effective, non-surgical hair loss solution and you’re wondering how to cover bald spots then SMP is a complete solution you should definitely consider. If you are looking for an affordable, low maintenance way forward, scalp micropigmentation is available for you.

Get the look that you deserve – improve your confidence and your self esteem. Contact our friendly team by phone or email to discuss your particular requirements & arrange your first SMP consultation with us.

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To Prospective Scalp Technicians – You Can Partner Up with Skalptec!

Getting started and established on your own can be a really tough challenge. We provide the right mentorship, encouragement and support. Setting up as a SMP technician with us is within your reach. Winner of multiple UK awards, Skalptec will help you to find your way. We will help you to find your way forward in the Industry. As your clientele and your reputation grows, Skalptec will always be right there to support you. You can read more about Skalptec Partnerships here.

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Skalptec has treatment clinics in various UK locations and in Europe including:

  • Liverpool – Terence Jones Owner and lead technician of Skalptec & 3 time UK National Award Winner (our Head Office is located there). Click here for more about Terence.
  • Newcastle – Terence Jones Owner and lead technician (MPUK National Award Winner 3 times for Scalp Technician of the year). Click here for more about Terence and his clinic.
  • London – Proficient lead technician. Click here for more about our service.
  • Shrewsbury – Michelle Watson lead technician (our newest Skalptec clinic). Click here for more about Michelle and her clinic.

You can find some of our top SMP technicians in:

You too can experience remarkable results just like the clients we have been helping for years – SMP gets more popular every year, and it is the hair loss solution that more and more celebrities are having done.

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To find out more about Skalptec and the extensive SMP services that we provide – contact one of our experienced scalp technicians for an informal chat. Our friendly team will help you with anything from the early signs of hair loss, a receding hairline, genetic hair loss, a thinning crown area to full baldness or alopecia.

The only way to be sure SMP is the right choice for you is to arrange a consultation. Send us a message if you have any questions – you can also refer to our FAQ page.

If you need help take your first step and talk to us. We have achieved recognition and awards for SMP over the years and we can provide the best possible experience. You can find Video Reviews, Case Studies and Before and After pictures on our website and on You Tube.

We can 100% promise you a service you will love and one that you will remember! There is also a big chance your friends will tell you that your hair looks amazing when they see the final results! Click here to arrange your first consultation.