No one really likes the slightest trace of dandruff in their hair. Can it be said 100% that dandruff is to blame for hair loss? Dandruff often comes on suddenly and unexpectedly, so it’s easy to believe in cause and effect. But it isn’t always as simple as that: the question, Does dandruff cause hair loss? can be more complex to answer than just a simple yes or no. Some medical conditions and medical conditions can be responsible for both hair loss and dandruff. It is the cause of dandruff that can lead to hair loss.

is hair loss caused by dandruff, does dandruff cause hair loss, scalp micropigmentation, skalptec ltdExcessive rubbing of the scalp causes friction, which can damage hair follicles. But dandruff, like psoriasis, is also an autoimmune disease.

If you rub your psoriasis, it gets worse. So in the case of dandruff, the inflammation caused by rubbing the hair can injure hair follicles.

The inflammation caused by dandruff is usually temporary, so eventually the dandruff goes away on its own or after treatment, and the hair follicles start growing back normally again.

Some of the factors that cause dandruff such as skin sensitivity can be inherited genetically from parents to cause hair loss. Some people are immune from getting dandruff.

Dandruff Symptoms and Causes

Dandruff isn’t caused by a fungus, as many believe. Rather, it is a buildup of dead skin cells on your scalp, which can result from sweating, hormonal changes, poor diet, stress, or poor hygiene. The symptoms of dandruff include scales on your scalp, your scalp itching and flaking, and dandruff flakes and scales, and as it peels off the scalp, it often falls back on to the shoulders in the form of white flakes. Those with dandruff may also have dry, dull hair, and greasy roots.

It’s true that dandruff can occur when the skin becomes very itchy when you have to scratch at the scalp often and rigorously. Follicles can be injured during this time, causing some hair loss. If you already suffer from some sort of hair loss, dandruff can accelerate everything especially if you already have androgenic alopecia (this gives rise to pattern baldness in men and women).

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Best Ways To Prevent Hair Loss Caused By Dandruff

Having an itchy scalp is the main cause of follicle damage and hair loss. So one way is to minimise the need to scratch at the scalp. Once you have this under control, your hair follicles will be back in good shape. Here are some of the solutions you might want to check out:

Get A Medicated Shampoo

Try a medicated shampoo that contains salicylic acid, pyrithione zinc, ketoconazole, and salicylic acid. You should seek medical advice before trying out different treatments though. For instance, selenium sulfide and coal tar can discolour your hair and salicylic acid might dry up your scalp, especially when you use it often. If you are already aware of your own allergies, herbal shampoos can be highly beneficial especially those that contain ingredients such as: neem, aloe vera, mint, lemon, turmeric and rosemary oil.

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Get a Professional Diagnosis

Dandruff can have various causes. For example:

  • Dry skin,
  • How you wash your hair
  • Irritated & oily skin
  • Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Sensitive to hair care products

A doctor or dermatologist can offer medical assistance to determine the health of your scalp. After diagnosis, you can then be better advised in terms of which anti-dandruff and anti-inflammatory products to use to prevent future damage to the scalp. Once you’re able to identify the root cause of your dandruff, you can start to put a solution in place.

Boosting Moisture

Don’t abandon your hair conditioner for just a medicated shampoo. You need to apply a conditioner to the scalp on a regular basis, in order to hydrate your scalp. So if your medicated shampoo contains salicylic acid, your scalp will require more hydration.

Having dandruff does not automatically result in hair loss but you can lose some of your hair if you have to scratch a lot at the surface of the scalp. Repeated inflammation in hair follicles can cause scarring and damage, so aggressive brushing twisting or scratching of the scalp can accelerate hair loss.


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Are you Losing your Hair?


Scalp micropigmentation is a popular hair loss solution when it comes to men and women who have to deal with losing their hair. Skalpec provides the following SMP services for men and women:


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Skalptec currently has SMP hair loss treatment clinics in Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Shrewsbury, Jersey and Netherlands.

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Scalp Micropigmentation is a Proven Hair Loss Solution

Focus on maintaining healthy hair and a healthy scalp and you can go a long way towards preventing permanent hair loss. If you are experiencing permanent hair follicle damage, there is a hair replacement option you can seriously consider. Skalptec provides guaranteed results with Scalp Micropigmentation.

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