Celebrities with Scalp Micropigmentation

Celebrities with Scalp Micropigmentation are seen more in 2020 as SMP becomes more popular with men and women year after year. As more global celebrities such as Jamie Foxx (an A-List celebrity well known for movies like skalptec logoAli, Dreamgirls, Collateral, Ray, and White House Down) go down the route of scalp micropigmentation, the concept and benefits will no doubt reach more and more people.  Included below is a list of celebrities who have had scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

A Remarkable Hair Loss Solution for Celebrities

Style, fashion and hair design trends are influenced and scrutinised everywhere today. Offline, in the media and across the internet, social media influencing also plays a big part. What’s trending today doesn’t always trend next month, but Scalp Micropigmentation (alternatively known as SMP, scalp pigmentation and hair tattoo) continues to be a firm, popular and natural non-invasive hair loss solution.

Invasive surgical hair replacement alternatives such as hair transplants require surgery and results are unpredictable. Whereas celebrities are using SMP – a non surgical procedure – as their permanent solution for hair loss.

SMP for Andros Townsend (Professional Footballer)

Andros Townsend is an English professional footballer. He plays as a winger for Crystal Palace in the English Premier League and he’s been capped by England.


andros townsend professional footballer smp before and after

Fabrice Le Physique (Personal Trainer)

Fabrice is one of the most influencial personal trainers in the world. He has been training clients for over 12 years.  He’s helped nearly 3000 clients including actors, top athletes, CEOs, business people, models and top movie executives.

scalp micropigmentation before after fabrice le physique

Ricky Bell (Singer & Performer with Bell Biv Devoe)

Ricky Bell, the singer/song writer with Bel Biv Devoe, discovered SMP through his good friend Jamie Fox. Bell Biv DeVoe is an American music group and they had a platinum selling album titled Poison.

celebrities with scalp micropigmentation ricky bell

Alex Beresford (GMB Weather)

The GMB (Good Morning Britain television breakfast show) Weather presenter Alex Beresford is well known in the UK and he started out as an autocue operative around 15 years ago. He also presents the UK national weather on ITV.

Alex Beresford GMB Weather with scalp micropigmentation

Jamie Foxx (Award Winning Actor)

Award winning actor Jamie Foxx, is multi talented. An American actor, singer, comedian, presenter and producer.

jamie foxx celebrity with smp

Dr Esho (Cosmetic Doctor)

British cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho is known for aesthetic medicine and non-surgical procedures. He’s the founder of The ESHO Clinic.

Dr Esho after having smp

Ben Toft (Professional Rugby Player)

Former professional rugby union player with Leicester Tigers, Coventry, Oyonnax, FCSC, Doncaster Knights and Farul Constanta had his SMP treatment with Skalptec – Click Here to Watch Ben’s Review

celebrities with scalp micropigmentation ben toft

Quinton Fortune (Professional Footballer)

When Quinton Fortune played for Manchester United he was the most high profile celebrity to have scalp micropigmentation when he had the procedure done around 12 years ago.

quinton fortune with smp playing football

Daniel Johnson (Celebrity Hairstylist)

Daniel is hairstylist to the England football team. Daniel is never far behind if he’s called upon by many of the top professional footballers. He’s never looked back since having scalp pigmentation.

Daniel Johnson celebrity hairstylist after having scalp micropigmentation

Louis Rankin (NFL – Pro Football)

Louis Rankin was a top NFL running back for the Oakland Raiders and then Seattle Seahawks. He discovered SMP 6 years ago.

Louis Rankin NFL usc 2009

Benedict Garrett (Dreamboys)

Benedict Garrett achieved celebrity status as a dancer with the Dreamboys. He is widely known as an entertainer, a model, an activist, a campaigner and an actor.

celebrity before and after smp Benedict Garrett Dreamboys

Vin Diesel (Actor & Producer)

Vin Diesel, is an American actor and producer. He first achieved much recognition in the movie The Fast and the Furious and has appeared in many action movies. In 2020 Vin Diesel is preparing for movies Bloodshot and Avatar sequels.

Vin Diesel and Jamie Foxx celebrities with scalp micropigmentation

Nicky Jam (Spanish pop star)

Nicky has achieved much recognition for his music including the Latin Grammy Award. Born in 1981 he 3 of his best known hits from his 2017 album Fénix are ‘El Perdón’, ‘Hasta el Amanecer’, and ‘El Amante’ .  Over the years he has become a popular figure amongst celebrities such as Will Smith and Pitbull. He continues to influence music through his own music as well as collaborations with the likes of Enrique Iglesias. Four years ago Nicky had scalp micropigmentation and he is happy that he did.

Nicky Jam Spanish pop celebrity with scalp pigmentation

Damon Elliott (Dionne Warwick’s son)

This Grammy Award winning producer is the son of the famous American singer Dionne Warwick. Four years ago he had scalp micropigmentation.

Damon Elliott Dionne Warwick son

SMP is the Best Hair Loss Solution

You will always see great results when Scalp Micropigmentation is carried out the right way. Every year SMP becomes even more popular than the year before. You can get back your confidence and achieve a stylish look to suit you. SMP is the best hair loss solution.

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