Can Sebum Hair Loss Be Reversed?

The answer is yes, sebum hair loss can be reversed, but there’s a catch — you have to do it before your hair falls out. That’s because the real cause of sebum hair loss is related to your scalp.

While you may not notice this happening to you right now, you could be at risk of losing your hair. Sebum build up on your hair follicles could be causing you hair loss issues if you don’t overcome certain triggers.

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Sebum and Sebaceous Glands Explained

Sebum is an oily substance secreted by glands called sebaceous glands which are found in skin (except for palms of hands and soles of feet) but more so in the skin’s dermal layer of the face, the neck and the scalp. Sebum secretes from sebaceous glands, protects against harmful bacteria and is a lubricant for hair.

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Sebum is a natural oil that lubricates your scalp and hair, keeping both moisturised and soft. But too much sebum can cause it to build up and congest the hair follicles. When the follicles are clogged up, nutrition won’t be able to reach the roots of your hair and so the hair gets damaged and hair growth can be stopped in its tracks.

Excessive sebum production can be one of the causes of oily or greasy hair and a lot of people experience this with minimal hair loss issues. The amount of sebum produced can change over time due to factors such as stress levels. hormone levels and the weather.

Prevention and Actions Can You Take

You can prevent this type of problem. There are changes to your daily routine you can make to stand a chance of reversing sebum hair loss:

– Eliminate the use of soap on your hair (soap strips away essential oils and nutrients from your scalp). Use a natural shampoo such as Phytodefrisant to maintain healthy hair.

– Keep the scalp clean.

– Regularly massaging your scalp with your fingertips or a hair brush to help stimulate blood flow and this can help to reverse sebum hair loss.

– Introduce a healthier diet which is nutrient rich and balanced.

– Avoid scratching your scalp.

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– Wash your hair just a few times a week with a mild shampoo – aggressive washing will remove essential oils from the scalp.

– Use less hair accessories and gels – avoid aggravating the scalp from unnatural ingredients.

– Exercise to encourage blood flow in the body and the scalp.

– Hormonal imbalances and too much stress – these have been linked to excessive sebum.

– Use a herbal hair mask which contains natural herbs such as tulsi, neem and hibiscus.


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