Can Demodex Mites Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is as frustrating in 2022 as it was decades ago. Demodex mites are minute parasites, invisible to the naked eye and given the opportunity will feed on the oils produced by the skin. As alarming as this might seem, the vast majority of people have these little bugs all over their faces, including the eyelashes.

stem cell research for hair growth, alopecia, scalp micropigmentationThey can cause rashes and itchiness and rosacea if there are too many of them, to the extent where they can damage hair follicles.

Hair loss occurs when the growth phase stops (apoptosis) so then the cells of hair follicles start to die.

So if demodex mites are accumulating in large numbers, they can prevent healthy hair from growing and cause bald spots.

Genetics and hormones also play a role in whether or not people experience hair loss – you may have already heard about male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness?

Demodex mites are believed to play a determining role in some cases – especially among men who are aged 30 to 60 and for those who have an inflammatory eyelid condition called blepharitis.

Can Demodex Mites Cause Hair Loss, skalptec ltd

Demodex Mites and Androgenic Alopecia

A chemical produced by demodex mites may cause an inflammatory reaction that affects the hair follicles. Demodex mites won’t be the cause of androgenetic alopecia itself, but the mites can make the condition worse. Androgenic hair loss is inherited / genetic.

Demodex Mites and Overgrowth

When the immune system becomes weak Demodex mites can increase in abundance and this can lead to problems. People who have skin infections and skin issues will be prone to having a Demodex problem. So if you already experience skin issues it’s likely that the mites will make things worse. Demodex hair loss and hair thinning can be attributed to the mites.

The Demodex mite is a parasite with 8 legs (they are related to spiders). People acquire the Demodex mites through skin contact and infected surfaces. The mites have a way of travelling, in that they travel through the pores of the skin and one follicle has the capacity to hold up to 30 mites.


demodex mites and overgrowth, skalptec ltd


Hair Loss and Demodex

The mites move around the root of the hair, and will always view sebum as its main source of nourishment. Sebum is made near the follicle very close to where the mites gather. An overgrowth of mites has the ability to take up the majority of the sebum present but this would starve the hairs of sebum; and starved hairs will ultimately become very weak and fall out.

The mites carry viruses and bacteria so when a mite inflames hair follicles, the hair will be loose so this is another reason to seek the help of a Demodex mite professional – prevention is far better than having to cure. Having a professional identify these issues, and taking on extra nutrients as well as good hair and scalp regime will be essential. It is possible to eliminate the Demodex mite overgrowth within several months so you can get everything under control.

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