Scalp Micropigmentation Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a style you can enjoy even if you have a full head of hair (some men and women choose to totally shave off all of the hair on the head). If your hairline is receding or in general your hair is thinning, a genuine option is to keep your hair very short (buzzed) for a shaved appearance. Perhaps you suffer from pattern baldness (affects both men and women), or you have a receding hairline? SMP will help to give you an authentic buzz cut.

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Are you losing your hair? Do you have scars on your scalp that you’d like to conceal? If you’re determined to do something about it and you’re looking at different SMP options, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can help & your hairline can be restored.

Scalp micropigmentation is a popular hair loss option and it is guaranteed to restore your hairline and your confidence without actually regrowing hair. SMP for a buzz cut look, creates the illusion of having a full head of shaven hair and it works for all hair colours.

SMP is for men and women who are going through the trauma and frustrations of hair loss. Is a buzz cut with SMP the best option for you? Let’s look further into the buzz cut, different hair styles for different forms of hair loss, and what you can do with your hair if your hair starts to go thinner or even bald.

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Buzz Cut for Hair Loss

A very effective way to make thinner hair look thicker is via scalp micropigmentation;. The buzz cut works for all types of hair, for example thinning, receding, balding hair. A buzz cut will blend in seamlessly with your existing hair and if you’re bald, SMP will create natural looking 3D hair follicles with custom made pigmentation.

If you have a receding hairline, a buzz cut created via SMP will help with this, and there is minimal maintenance after SMP. An example: fade the hairline, keep it short on the top, and you have an option of going a grade lower than the top, for the sides and the back of the head.

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Buzz Cut SMP Procedure (Scalp Micropigmentation)

Very small pigmented micro dots are applied to the scalp to give the appearance of natural realistic hair follicles (no it is not a tattoo in the traditional sense – the hair tattoo is applied differently). SMP is non-invasive and non-surgical and so no anaesthetic is required. There is no pain but for some minimal discomfort from time to time, and SMP clients have been known to sleep for a long time through a SMP session.


During an in depth consultation and before treatment starts, a plan and a goal is set between the scalp technician and the client. At every stage, feedback from the client is obtained throughout treatment to ensure the client is happy with the final results. Time is taken to design say for example a hairline similar to your own hairline. Then, the design is drawn onto the skin on your hairline, until you’re completely happy with the shape and everything associated with that.

A scalp technician may carry out 3 to 5 sessions in total to achieve a perfect result. There are many factors involved and it is best to attend a SMP consultation and discuss everything in person instead of relying on just the telephone or a video call.  The time for each session can be anything from 1 to 5 hours. You can relax whilst we make the whole experience pleasurable for you.

You might not expect to see visual results after the first session, but you will – a natural, uniform, seamless & realistic buzz cut look! From session 2 onwards you will have more pigmented dots applied to the scalp, to give the appearance of increased density and fullness.

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What is a Buzz Cut Haircut?

Perhaps right now you’re reading this, you have looked at all of the available hair replacement options, and you have decided a buzz cut style is for you? It’s a tough decision we understand the impact that hair loss has on men and women. A buzz cut is a more natural choice if you are used to having your hair short or have always wanted to.

After SMP you will have a style that is easy to maintain. This also applies for women who have alopecia or an illness which limits hair growth / causes balding.

Understanding the Different Types of Men’s Buzz Cuts

  • Burr Buzz Cut – The hair is longer (all one length and a lot of length across the scalp) than a zero buzz cut.
  • Induction Buzz Cuts – The hair is cut short using clippers where no guard or attachment is used, to achieve the very shortest of cuts. What you see is short stubble because a razor is not used.
  • Butch Buzz Cut
  • Fade Buzz Cut – With this type of buzz cut, the sides and the back are tapered: medium, short or semi-short. A choice for those who have thinning hair or a receding hairline. A short, low-maintenance hairstyle.
  • High and Tight Buzz Cut – A style used widely in the military, and for those who wear military helmets regularly. Low maintenance.
  • Ivy League Buzz Cut – A type of crew cut. Hair on the front top of the head is styled with a side part. The hair at the crown is cut short. The Ivy League Buzz Cut is also known as a Princeton or a Harvard Clip.

How short does hair need to be for SMP?

The optimal length to shave hair is 0.5 grade or shorter, to achieve a natural buzz cut appearance.


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Scalp Camouflage for Scalp Scarring & Hair Loss

When SMP is applied to scarring, the scars will be concealed. Your buzz cut with SMP will also reduce visibility of scars! Imperfections or scars on the scalp, will affect the how smooth the buzz cut style will look.

If the hair at the front is receding, and you already have a buzz cut, you can always camouflage the hair you’ve lost, using scalp micropigmentation. SMP can fill in all areas where hair has been lost or is becoming thinner; and doing this creates more density.

Replicate a Buzz Cut with SMP

You don’t have to tussle on your own without a guaranteed & useful hair loss solution. You too can have a Buzz Cut Style with SMP (whether you have hair or not). Professional SMP from Skalptec will bring you improved confidence and a majestic hairline to be proud of.



A Crew Cut

Came to popularity in the 1920’s. This is shorter on top and short on the sides. Some length is retained on the top.

  • Gives you some control over the way your hairline looks.
  • Timeless and suits men of all ages.

Combing the Hair Over

In the press and media, the comb-over as it’s commonly referred to, hasn’t exactly been portrayed as having the greatest reputation. However, it can be a stylish and effective way to cover thinning hair. Is it an art, is there a particular method?

  1. Take a comb and make a side part from where the hair is mostly thinning (near to the temple).
  2. The longer hair is combed to one side, and without going into a lot of detail (best to consult a barber or a hairdresser), hair below the parting is trimmed. The overall aim then, is to create an illusion of a full head of hair.

Effectiveness will also depend on how much hair you have lost on top, so if you lose too much hair in that area, you might have to rethink having a comb-over if you become worried about the scalp on top being more visual.

The Faux Hawk

For those who are used to having thicker, longer hair, the faux hawk is to be considered.

  1. The back and sides should be short, and the hair on top is long. Some prefer to use a hair gel or hair wax for styling.  This collectively helps to distract from a receding hairline.
  2. A faux hawk can be slicked right back and even curled if you prefer.


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Balding Hairstyles

A buzz cut isn’t quite as close to the scalp as shaving the head. It is low maintenance, smart, and it’s relatively easy to keep it that way.

The Clean Shave

This is probably the easiest way to hide a receding hairline and if this is for you, it’s a case of shaving off all your hair. There is an art to shaving the scalp so learning more about this will help you, but you would start by feeling the contours of the scalp and checking for things like moles and skin tags so you can avoid cutting those with a sharp razor.

Removing hair will take more time if your hair is long. Trim away the longer hair slowly and carefully before getting any closer to the scalp.

The Buzz Cut

  • You can trim your hair at home using the same trimmer comb each time (for even length), if you have the right hair cutting equipment. So, you won’t always have to take trips to visit your local barber / hairdresser if you prefer not to.

Buzz Cut & Fade Haircut Differences

The fade haircut is around one eight of an inch shorter on the sides; and the hair is gradually longer going up on the sides.

For a buzz cut, all hair is cut off at the same very short length. With SMP the hair length should ideally be 0.5 Grade or shorter.  Hair length can differ when it comes to having one of the traditional buzz cuts.


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  1. A Swept Back Pompadour – Do you have a bald patch on your crown or can you see one forming? To carry off the swept back pompadour, you should already have height and volume to your hair at the front and and shorter hair on the sides so it can be tapered. The result is hair that looks thicker and distinguishable. As a rough guide: hair is swept back over the head; the fringe is kept long & brushed / swept back over the head.
  2. A Textured Caesar Cut – A haircut named after the famous Roman Julius Caesar, the Roman men with short hair were considered to be cultured. For men with who are thinning on top. Clipper cut on the sides and on the back and the on top is left at finger length. This cut gives the appearance that you have more hair on top and the hair is combed forward. Also helps to hide a receding hairline and thinning on top.


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If you’re someone going through a frustrating time when it comes to your hair, Skalptec provides the following SMP services:

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SMP for Renewed Confidence

If you are having issues with your hair, dissolving confidence is a major issue for both men and women. SMP is proven, guaranteed and unique and the impact SMP has on people’s lives (we know from our client reviews) is profound. You too can regain your confidence. The positive psychological effects are very positive and here you can read more.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation the Best Option for You?

Scalp micropigmentation works 100% and it is long lasting, so have no doubts, and it’s an option worthy of exploring. Whether SMP feels right for you to proceed with or not, it’s for you to decide. Much will depend on your personal expectations, your goals and the professional scalp technician you choose to have your treatment with. We always advise to take your time, and make a fully informed decision when choosing the best way ahead for yourself. Consider how a hair tattoo will suit you and how you will look.

If you decide you would like to have a consultation with us, Skalptec is a leading provider of Hair Tattoo (SMP) services for men and women and we are located in the UK. To learn more about our services, you can schedule a free consultation with us.


Have you thought about starting a career in SMP with Skalptec? You can succeed! Whatever you need, we’ll help you to find your way in a very competitive and popular profession. We’ll help you to build your business and your personal reputation with a SMP company already regarded as world class and a well known SMP brand. Support and mentorship is guaranteed. Read More About Skalptec Partnerships.



Skalptec currently has SMP hair loss treatment clinics in Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Shrewsbury, Jersey and Netherlands.

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  • Liverpool – Terence Jones is the Owner of Skalptec & 3 times Winner of Best Scalp Technician in the UK – MPUK UK National Award winner (our Head Office is located in Burscough, Merseyside). Click here to discover for more about Terence.
  • Newcastle – Marvin is our lead technician. Click here for more about our Newcastle SMP clinic.
  • London – Will is a gifted and experienced SMP lead technician. Click here for more about Will and our London SMP clinic.
  • Shrewsbury – Michelle Watson is the lead technician (our newest clinic opened in 2019). Click here for more about Michelle and her SMP clinic in Shrewsbury.

You will also find some of our top dedicated technicians with Skalptec clinics in:

  • Jersey – Alan Leigh is the lead technician. Click here for more about Alan and his SMP clinic in Jersey.
  • Netherlands – Aruna Mohan is the lead technician. Click here for more about Aruna and her SMP clinic in the Holland.


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Skalptec is a proven & established award winning SMP provider with professional scalp micropigmentation clinics located across the UK and Netherlands. If you are tired of using hair transplants, monthly lotions, potions and shampoos SMP could be for you!

Having explained reasons for going ahead with SMP for a buzz cut look, you now have the opportunity to take your first step and talk to us when you’re ready. You can find Video ReviewsCase Studies and Before and After pictures on our website and on You Tube.

We can help you. Whether you’re experiencing early signs of hair loss, a receding hairline, scarring, thinning, a balding crown to full baldness / male pattern baldness & female pattern baldness, alopecia or another hair loss issue, get in touch – you can Contact us. Chat with one of our friendly team.