Alopecia Areata in Females

When patches of hair loss start showing up on your head it’s a time of major concern for so many women and men. One patch can lead to two

alopecia areata in females, alopecia totalis, Skalptec UK

and then this can lead to total baldness. The hair can grow back after some months but what if it doesn’t?

Dealing with permanent loss of hair can have a social, psychological and demoralising effect. Usually the hair regrows after several months but for some the baldness is permanent.

It is estimated that alopecia areata in the UK affects around fifteen people in every ten thousand people. There are several types of alopecia and areata is a condition that can happen to both men and women usually from childhood up to the age of forty.

There isn’t normally any signs of scarring on the scalp and at most usually there might be a scaly, red itchy appearance on the bald patch.

Alopecia Causes and Hair Loss in Females?

Alopecia areata is regarded as a rare disorder of the immune system for both men and women. The immune system attacks the hair follicles. The diet, hereditary factors and stress can play a role in losing your hair and female pattern hair loss can become more of a problem as women become older. Increased hair loss in some women can be linked to hormonal changes. Medications to treat cancer and severe illness can also cause hair loss.

alopecia areata hair loss, alopecia areata in females

Some of your alopcia areata and female hair loss questions answered

What are the signs and/or symptoms of alopecia areata?

  • clumps of hair on the pillow
  • smooth round patches of complete hair loss on the scalp and possibly on other areas of the body
  • sometimes total hair loss on the head can occur
  • dull and thin fingernails and toenails
  • no pain is usually associated with alopecia areata

Is there a Cure for Alopecia Areata?
There is no cure but research continues and there are medicines that can help.

Does White Hair Grow Back?
Yes. The hair will eventually grow back with your original hair colour, At first though, the hair will be a very light blonde colour or white.

Alopecia Treatment Options – What Can You Do?

Scalp micropigmentation is a popular form of hair replacement for all conditions of alopecia including areata, totalis and universalis. Treatments to increase hair regrowth can work but not in all cases. The hair can also grow back without any treatment.

– Steroid injections
– Topical steroids
– Minoxidil
– Wear a wig
– Laser treatment
– Hair transplant
– PUVA light therapy
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)
– Complementary therapies

Female Baldness and Genetics

Women can inherit the gene for pattern baldness from either parent. Female pattern baldness often starts after the menopause or due to not having enough of the androgen hormone in the body. A damaged ovary or a damaged pituitary gland will mean reduced amounts of androgen and a greater chance of hair loss. Read more about hair loss and genetics here.

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After a Bald Patch Develops

  1. Bald patches regrow hair within a few months.
  2. Blonde or white coloured hair can be expected at first if the hair grows back.
  3. More bald patches can develop some weeks after the first one has appeared.
  4. Bald patches can be at different stages of development. The first bald patch can be in regrowth whilst a different bald patch is forming. This can be the case when many bald patches are visible around the head.
  5. Small bald patches can merge to create a large bald area.


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Alopecia Totalis Treated With Scalp Micropigmentation

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