3D Scalp Micropigmentation at Skalptec

The advent of 3D scalp micropigmentation is an evolution of traditional SMP techniques, designed to create a textured effect, better able to simulate real shaven hair versus standard scalp micropigmentation. The process itself is being heavily promoted by various clinics, hair tattoo before and aftersometimes touted as a second generation treatment that is more advanced than regular procedures.

It is certainly true that a small handful of clinics produce effective 3D follicle replications. Certain technicians around the world have got this down to a fine art, whilst others promote the idea of 3D, when in reality they’re not offering anything different to the norm.

In our view, the 3D process should not be sold as a separate ‘upgrade’, but more so should form part of the standard treatment protocol. The aim of every good technician should be to produce the most realistic results possible, and if making the treatment appear more 3D helps to achieve that, this part of the treatment plan should not be held back in lieu of a monetary premium.

The Skalptec 3D process

Every Skalptec client has a treatment plan, individually crafted to suit the clients needs. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, therefore we assess the needs of the client and discuss desired outcomes, possible style choices and always keep one eye on the future to ensure the client remains happy with their new look in the long run.

adding density to hair

The creation of a textured 3D effect is part of our standard discussion with every client, further to our constant aim to produce perfect, ultra-realistic hair follicle replications.

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