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Choosing the right clinic can be a real minefield, with every provider claiming to be the best or to have 'invented' SMP. Here are some scalp micropigmentation reviews by REAL customers of Skalptec, treated in Liverpool or at one of our other clinics.

Micropigmentation or a Hair Transplant Skalptec News Article

Micropigmentation or a Hair Transplant Surgery: Which is the Best Treatment?

Two treatments have become the trusted choice for those facing baldness or alopecia: surgical hair transplants and the non-surgical approach of micropigmentation. But which one is best for solving hair loss issues?

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What is Micropigmentation? Skalptec News Article

What is Micropigmentation? And How Can It Help You Combat Baldness And Hair Loss

A recent report - The Psychological Effect, Pathophysiology, and Management of Androgenetic Alopecia in Men – suggests that nearly 40% of men in the UK are either bald or balding.

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SMP UK Awards Nominates Terence Jones News Article

Scalp Micropigmentation UK Awards Nominate Terence Jones

Scalp micropigmentation gives you a real option if you are looking for an alternative to hair transplants, hair lotions and miracle tablets. Voting has closed for the prestigious Micropigmentation UK awards 2017.

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SMP and Fading News Article

Scalp micropigmentation and fading

We receive a lot of questions about how scalp micropigmentation fades after the procedure, so we'd like to clarify exactly what you should expect. There are two different stages of fading – rapid fading between treatment sessions, and long term fading over time.

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Alopecia areata and scalp micropigmentation News Article

Alopecia areata and scalp micropigmentation

Of all the hair loss conditions, alopecia areata is one of the most challenging to live with. Although there is no cure for alopecia, scalp micropigmentation can address the visible symptoms of this particularly aggressive form.

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