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Headed by the incredibly talented technician Aruna Mohan, one of Europe’s most respected micropigmentation technicians, we are proud to offer the best scalp micropigmentation service in the Netherlands.

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Skalptec Netherlands: Aruna Mohan

The leading UK scalp micropigmentation clinic, Skalptec, now offers our world class service to clients in Rotterdam. Aruna has 20 years of experience in all fields of the beauty industry, a career that has taken her all over the world. However, Aruna’s special talent is SMP – Scalp Micropigmentation. Starting in the industry in 2014, Aruna already gained a great reputation in Holland before joining the Skalptec team in 2016.

After Meeting Terence Jones during a masterclass training course and seeing his work and how much passion he had for this industry, Aruna quickly realised that Terence was at the top of his game, and she wanted to be a part of Skalptec Ltd. Skalptec’s compassionate and caring approach appealed to Aruna as her own work ethic was very closely aligned, and she is very pleased to be a part of the fastest growing scalp micropigmentation company in Europe.

If you would like to book a consultation or would like some further information on the procedure then give Skalptec Netherlands a call on +31 617193241 today.

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The most recommended scalp micropigmentation service in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Holland.

Skalptec Rotterdam in the Netherlands offers highly regarded scalp micropigmentation services. In Roterdam, Holland our clinic is one of 6 Skalptec clinics located across the UK and Europe. If you are wondering what to do about about losing hair (whether you’re just now in the early stages, or if you have a receding hairline or thinning hair, or scalp scarring perhaps from an accident or from a hair transplant you had. Perhaps you have alopecia and you might be bald and lost all of your hair?) No matter what the problem is, Skalptec Netherlands can help you! Call us  tel: 0845 625 0025 to schedule an initial consultation or send us a message so yo can arrange your meeting with Aruna Mohan.

  • Scalp Micropigmentation in Rotterdam for both men and women
  • Skalptec is a National Multi Award winning SMP service provider for the UK
  • Highly trussted, Professional, qualified and experienced. We can help!

We have answers to a lot of your questions. You can visit our Skalptec FAQ page – If you don’t see your question there, please feel welcome to contact us any time and we’ll help in every way that we can.

Discover more examples, feedback and client testimonials from Skalptec clients from up and down the UK on Google , over on the YouTube video channel Also here on the Skalptec website you can visit our Photo Gallery , Case Studies and Client Reviews pages to see videos, before and after pictures and more.

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Contact Aruna to find out more about having your scalp micropigmentation done in Holland. You can call on 0845 625 0025 or click here to send a message from our Contact page.

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