After toying with the idea of scalp micropigmentation for a few months I did quite a lot of research and read a lot of reviews on the subject. I had my concerns and doubts but I really wanted to do something about my bald head which has been the bain of my existence.

scalp micropigmentation with grey hair

Joe’s Scalp Micropigmentation Story

I got my bonus from work and thought this is it, I’m going to treat myself. I searched for clinics close to me and had a few consultations at different ones. After careful consideration I selected Skalptec, the Practioner himself had the treatment and talked me through the whole procedure, even the sensation of getting it done and how it felt, this was fundamental to me because I am quite a wimp when it comes to pain.

Simon was honest and open with me about everything, he went through all the different kind of treatments I could have, he listened to what look I wanted to achieve, gave me the best advice on what treatment I would need to achieve that look. He told me exactly how much it would cost and when I had the treatment and received the bill; it was the exact amount, there were no hidden costs.

The clinic itself was to a very high standard, admittedly (OCD extreme), as soon as I walked in the level of hygiene and cleanliness was obvious the clinic was PRISTINE. I didn’t feel pressured into choosing their clinic, unlike the other clinics I went to for consultations. I am so happy I chose Skalptec, with their help I have achieved the look I wanted, the pain was minimal, the clinic was pristine, the staff friendly. There was a very personal touch to the clinic itself and the staff, the atmosphere was tremendous and you could see everybody that worked their was happy in their job.

I didn’t just get my treatment and leave, the aftercare I received was fantastic. Simon phoned me several times to ask if I was still happy, if I had any concerns, to call him any time should I have any, which to date I have had none. I have been completely happy with my entire experience at Skalptec.

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