Dave's Case Study

I am Dave from Hull and I am 28. I started losing my hair very young, it has always bothered me and has affected my confindence over the years. A few years back I did a bit of research on hair transplants but couldn’t afford the treatment and wasn’t really keen on the scars that the procedure left on the

Scalp Micropigmentation Case Study Dave

Dave’s Scalp Micropigmentation Story

A friend of mine told me about Skalptec, so I thought I would give them a ring and book a consultation to see what it was all about. I visited the Darlington clinic and was met there by Ian the practitioner, he took time to explain the process as well as the downsides to the treatment and what I should expect during and afterwards. There are psychological aspects which I had given a lot of consideration to in any event, but it was good to talk these through with him. So I paid my deposit and set my date and time.

I’ve visited the Skalptec clinic 5 times and the procedure can be a little uncomfortable at times, but I never felt rushed or in any pain. The result is and has always been more important. It’s 4 weeks later now and I’ve not been this happy about myself for a very long time, I look and feel alot younger. I receive positive comments on a daily basis and yes I feel good about myself and that’s all that matters. I can’t speak for the other staff at Skalptec, but if Ian is anything to go by, you will be very fortunate and in very safe hands. I would recommended these guys to anybody who is looking into this treatment, and would like to thank Skalptec for giving me my confidence back.

See Gary's Case Study

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