Skalptec Technician in London

As a city recognised for excellence in scalp micropigmentation, the technician running our London clinic had to be someone at the pinnacle of the profession. After two years of searching, we discovered Simon Symeou.

Following his own procedure with Skalptec, we took him on as a trainee and his innate talent was immediately obvious. Surpassing all expectations, the quality and consistency of his procedures impressed everyone at Skalptec to such an extent that we made the decision to open in London at the earliest opportunity and place Simon as the Lead Technician. Over time, our decision proved to be the right one, as Simon is quickly establishing himself as one of the most respected scalp micropigmentation technicians in London.

I was very fortunate to have found Skalptec, a company I consider to be the best in the UK. My treatment continues to look amazing, and I’m very happy offer this service to others at Skalptec London. I have found my true love, and the work is incredibly rewarding as I’m in a priviledged position where I change peoples lives daily, turning them into happier and more confident people.



Skalptec (London)
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