Ryan Hunter Aberdeen Technician

Headed by Lead Technician Ryan Hunter, Skalptec Aberdeen offers the finest scalp micropigmentation service in Scotland, situated in the heart of the city centre.

Our Aberdeen clinic provides a more convenient option for clients who would otherwise have to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh to find a scalp micropigmentation clinic, although many of our clients actually travel from those cities to Aberdeen, due to the strength of Ryan’s reputation as a highly accomplished SMP artist. Ryan is one of the most experienced technicians North of the border, and arguably the most talented.

For most clients, the process requires three treatment sessions spaced about a week apart. As we treat a large number of oil workers in Aberdeen, Ryan ensures his schedule remains flexible to accomodate the needs of clients who have limited or fixed annual leave. Whenever possible, we will do all we can to accommodate your requirements.



Skalptec (Aberdeen)
64 Skene Street
AB10 1QE

T: 0845 625 0025
E: [email protected]